Hello, I am Philip N Martin.

Welcome to my portfolio website, where design meets innovation and creativity knows no bounds. As a seasoned Product Designer and Digital Creative Director, I bring a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality to every project. Explore my work, and let's embark on a journey of turning ideas into exceptional digital experiences that captivate and inspire.

Product Designer & Digital Creative Director

Specialized in UI/UX, Branding and digital designs.


Years of Experience


We create visually appealing and engaging websites to enhance your online presence.


Our customized marketing strategies connect with your target audience effectively.


We build scalable digital solutions to bring your ideas to life.


Our digital media services tell your brand story through compelling visuals and content.

  • Adobe Photoshop96%
  • HTML / WordPress92%
  • Development90%

My Career History & Timeline

Please look what I have done so far in my life.


Years Old

  1. 15 MAY 2003

    I had graduated from university

    Major subjects

    Major Subjects: User Interface Design, User Research Methods, Interaction Prototyping

    My Achievements

    Published research paper on HCI trends, Awarded Graduate Research Assistantship

    What I learned

    Explored the intersection of technology and user experience, honed skills in user-centered design, and conducted meaningful research.

    Final year project

    Gained hands-on experience in inclusive design and the profound impact of technology on accessibility and inclusion.

  2. 24 Sep 2005

    I Took Responsibility In Life

    As I embarked on my career journey, I embraced the importance of responsibility and accountability. It was a pivotal moment that shaped my professional growth.

    I committed to continuously improving my skills, taking on challenging projects, and leading teams towards success. This newfound sense of responsibility drove me to strive for excellence and achieve meaningful results in my career.

    It marked the beginning of a fulfilling and purpose-driven path where I embraced challenges as opportunities for growth and made a positive impact in the professional world.

  3. 02 Sep 2007

    Started Working With Companies

    Major subjects

    During this phase of my career, I delved into a wide array of subjects and disciplines. These included project management, client relations, team leadership, and technical proficiency.

    My Achievements

    Throughout this period, I achieved numerous milestones and contributed significantly to project successes. These accomplishments served as a testament to my dedication and commitment to excellence in the workplace

  4. 26 Feb 2009

    Started Dealing Clients Online

    Major subjects

    I started serving in the digital marketing field and exploring the new domains of it.

    My Achievements

    My achievements encompassed successful project deliveries, client satisfaction, and the development of strong collaborative relationships within my professional network.

    What I learned

    I embraced a holistic approach to my work, combining both technical and soft skills to excel in my role.

  5. 24 MAY 2011

    Established My Own Company

    Establishing my own digital marketing company was a defining moment in my career.

    It was a leap of faith and a culmination of years of experience, expertise, and a deep passion for the digital landscape.

  6. 16 Jan 2013

    Successfully Establish My Business

    This entrepreneurial journey allowed me to forge my own path, shape my unique vision, and create a dynamic team dedicated to driving impactful results for our clients. Since its inception, my company has thrived on innovation, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

  7. 15 MAY 2015

    I had graduated from university

    Major subjects

    Computer Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms, Database Management

    My Achievements

    Dean's List for Academic Excellence, Member of the Computer Science Club

    What I learned

    Gained a strong foundation in computer science principles, problem-solving skills, and teamwork.

    Final year project

    Developed a mobile application that enhances accessibility for individuals with visual impairments.

  8. 20 Aug 2017

    Started Working On Expand Business

    As I set out to expand our business, my dedication to excellence and our unwavering customer-centric approach will continue to be the driving forces behind our success in new horizons.

  9. 28 Oct 2020

    Successful In Expanding Business World Wide

    LAs I dive into expanding our business, I eagerly anticipate the potential for new opportunities that lie ahead, propelling me to greater heights of success.

    With a forward-looking mindset, I am poised to seize fresh opportunities as we expand my business, embracing challenges as stepping stones to my continued growth and prosperity in the digital marketing field.

  10. 15 MAY 2020

    Looking Forward For More Opportunities

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I believe in art and that is my passion throughout my life.


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